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About Us

Founded in 2018, CPAP Network is a web-based resource for CPAP supplies, educational content and expert support for people suffering from obstructive sleep apnea. Our mission is to help you understand your therapy and get you the right products, when you need them. is a user-friendly website, continually updated to provide you with CPAP products and services at the lowest prices available anywhere. We only offer products that meet our high quality standards and that are backed by the warranties of our partner-manufacturers.   

Several on our team are CPAP therapy users ourselves, sharing a likeminded familiarity with the equipment and the benefits of successful CPAP therapy. We are seasoned respiratory therapists, CPAP gear technicians and client care specialists with over 40 years of experience providing Sleep Apnea Therapy Solutions.

Our experience includes serving over 10,000 long-term CPAP patients and fulfilling over 50,000 CPAP orders with 99.1% patient satisfaction.

Proud of who we are and what we do...for you.